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As northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas dig out from the two feet of snow dumped this winter’s latest epic snowstorm, it’s time to summarize how remarkable the snows of the past two winters have been. Has seen three Category 3 (major) or higher snow storms on the Northeast Snowfall Impact (NESIS) scale. This scale, which rates Northeast snowstorms by the area affected by the snowstorm, the amount of snow, and the number of people living in the path of the storm, runs from Category 1 (Notable) to Category 5 (Crippling.) This puts the winter of 2010 2011 in a tie for first place with the winters of 2009 2010 and 1960 1961 for most major Northeast snowstorms.

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Safety Tyrann Mathieu told reporters they will not let an opportunity to control the Division slip away. “We were kind of in this position last year. We had a two game lead on them and we stunk up the joint,” Mathieu told reports at the Union Tribune.

But the events that truly defined Stewart era may have come both before and after 9/11. First, there was the Bush v. Gore debacle of 2000 (the show covered it with the rubric Courting disaster), which turned an agreed on given of democracy is the rightfully elected President? a source of endless recrimination and fuel for the argument engine of cable news..

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