Brendan Rodgers Reds won 1 0 in Belarus in August

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wholesale jerseys from china Both of them.David Moyes Everton travelled to Belarus in October 2009 to take on BATE Borisov in the group stages of the Europea League and won with goals from Marouane Fellaini and Tim Cahill, despite falling behind to a 16th minute goal from Likhtarovich.By the time the Belarusians made the return trip to Merseyside a week before Christmas, Everton had already qualified for the knockout stages. So a heavily rotated side featuring names like Hope Akpan, Nathan Craig and Kieran Agard went down 1 0 on one of the coldest nights Goodison has ever experienced.Bet 20 get free 20 bet for new customers on all sports or virtual sportsThe fixture was also notable for the only senior appearances in an Everton shirt for Shkodran Mustafi and Carlo Nash.The Europa League was also the competition in wholesale nfl jerseys from china which Liverpool faced Belarusian opponents for the only time, in the shape of FC Gomel.Brendan Rodgers Reds won 1 0 in Belarus in August 2012. Stewart Downing scored the only goal and Jamie Carragher, on the pccasion of his 700th appearance for the club, captained the side.. wholesale jerseys from china

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